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Poland is a specific market, thus while entering in it, it is worth to take the first step in the assistance of someone who is perfectly acknowledged with legal, social or economic nuances that may threaten Your success; and someone who will show – like the right direction – the profitable sales strategy. In such important matters it is advisable to trust only the experienced navigators – Navati certainly belongs to one of them.


“Words” used in business have an exceptional power – thanks to them new companies are emerging, contracts for millions on a world scale are made, and cooperation which result in innovative products develop. However words can also differ. Thus how to achieve a success? The key solution here is to link words competently, to inscribe them in the process of communication, and at the same time, to adjust them to the cultural context; that is in different words – to negotiate.


Knowledge is the key competence in business, since it creates perpetual motion of its own development and produces success in unlimited amounts.  Therefore, if You want to be a part of this success, invest in Your knowledge by using our trainings.

Manager for Hire

“There is a way to do something better, I’ll find it”  [“There's a way to do it better - find it” T. Edison] – is my motto which guides me in business, and at the same time it  guarantees my success. Therefore, if Your company is in need of management support, or You need a manager to realize certain project – it is sufficient to engage Navati in the process.

About the company


Why Navati?

If You want to enter the Polish market

Because the Polish market is, slowly but consecutively, becoming a mirror image of well-developed markets, by applying business models and solutions i.a. from Sweden, Denmark, Norway or Finland. Therefore, it is worth to take that chance: also Your Company in Poland can be developed with the same success, especially if it functions well outside its borders. Navati is going to show You the road to success.

If You need a consultantBecause Navati is guided by experience enriched with economical, marketing and legal knowledge. It’s the experience gained out of work in different lines of business, with numerous cultures inside the organizations, and out of business contacts with European, American or Middle Eastern companies, that allow me to be a consultant who does not foretell the future through coffee grounds or tea leaves, but is able to create a success strategy and realize it in a consistent way.


If You need someone who is acknowledged with management

Because Navati is not only listening to its Clients’ needs, but above all understands them. A curse of contemporary consulting is an archaic consultative scheme: “I am listening to You, but I don’t understand You, so let’s try to do it…” STOP! Navati does not approve of “trying,” it just acts. Definitely. And with an intended effect.


Business is created by people. Some of them fit in this world with great ease,  inspire their coworkers, and become their mentors who help them to discover the secrets of the art of management. For others, business is an incomprehensible maze, in which they function as the Minotaur, killing their chances for success. I cooperated with managers corresponding to two of those personality profiles in Poland as well as in Europe; I co-created spectacular successes, but I also saw terrifying failures in the field of management. As a result I can declare that I gained rich experience. This experience is like a magnetic needle in a compass of consulting – it enables us to find the right direction, and good solution for each business. That’s what I offer You.



Personal profile I am a dynamic, goal- and very detail-oriented, enthusiastic person, with experience in various types of sales, marketing and management. I am a skilled negotiator and have extensive experience cooperating with foreign customers, especially in the B2B market. I am well used to working as part of a team, but I am also a self-starter with plenty of initiative. I am a good listener, initiative taker and out-of-the-box thinker.


“I have known Daniel to be a cheerful and responsible sales manager! He has good networking skills with positive outlook. He can work independently and manage multiple projects well. I am sure he can provide good value in sales & marketing role for any company! I wish him all the best in his career ahead.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Amit Kukreja

                                                                                                                Associate Director  - European  Reimbursement & Market Access, Synergus AB

Amit Kukreja

“Three words define Daniel: prolific, inspirational and proactive. Quite regularly I was able to know, observe and hear about Daniel’s achievements within his business development group at Marcus Evans (ME). If I can recall correctly, he has also bagged the award for most revenue generating of our ME’s Stockholm office more than once. I have found him to be confident, proactive and hardworking. Both of us have sailed to new shore since then but we keep in touch regularly for we have been engaged in an upcoming project of Daniel’s which he is very passionate about. I wish him the very best of luck.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Syed Irfan Ajmal

Corporate Business Development Consultant, Marcus Evans

Syed Irfan Ajmal

“FIRU is Daniel’s dream venture. As a strategy consultant and a friend, I have been involved closely in the planning, conceptualization of FIRU, particularly FIRU’s e-infrastructure and e-strategy with Daniel. During this time I have found him to be proactive, hardworking, and innovative. He has an eye for detail and he is very thoughtful which I believe will benfit him a great deal in all of his current and upcoming endeavours. Realiable and competent, I could always count on his professional advice.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Syed Irfan Ajmal

                                                                                                                                   Strategy Consultant, New/Online Media (Independent), Wadaan Inc.

Syed Irfan Ajmal

The Offer



One of the great entrepreneurs of twentieth century once said, that business is like sea where every company’s ship without a good navigation is going to sink in the merciless infinity of the water. Therefore, Navati will be Your navigator in the field of consulting, leading Your Company to the Prosperity Harbour.


Sale  I will help You in the development of Your Company by activating sale with the aid of:

  • effective sale strategy based on a thorough analysis of the market – product, competition, Clients/Contractors, along with the identification of prospects and threat
  • optimisation of sale’s process and contact with the Clients
  • training of the personnel within the field of sales techniques
  • integration of sale and marketing actions
  • preparing and conducting documentation for different institutions
Market Access – Poland I am going to help You in the development of Your Company on a Polish market through:

  • elaboration of market entry strategy and analysis of market differences for a specific branch; as well as the elaboration of prospects and threats to certain activity
  • conducting complete market research in the context of introducing certain product/service to Poland, along with the SWOT analysis (of strong and weak sides) of the product/service, from a perspective of Polish market and expectation of Polish Consumers





Negotiations are complex issue, both vertically (stage structure) and horizontally,  since they are connected with numerous areas of business and management. Although the most often they are the integral element of contracts, negotiations also accompany us everyday, what is especially visible during the work of international working team.

Consultancy and negotiation in business in the context of cultural differences

The effectiveness of negotiations on an international scale, does not only depends on principles and techniques, even on those which were tested on the national market. Additional factors such as the language, customs,  significance of time, or mentality of people, repeatedly determine whole negotiation process. If we do not take them into consideration, our abilities of managing the negotiation process will be limited.

Using Navati’s consultancy or engaging me in the process of negotiations, You will definitely avoid the consequences of  cultural differences’ unfamiliarity, and You will get the advantage connected with my experience in this type of conversations.

Management of international human resources

Globalization of business very strongly influenced the shape of personnel management, and significantly challenged the managers. Managing international personnel, in which the diversity of cultures puts an additional context to achieving goals, requires not only experience but also personality’s predispositions. Therefore, if Your Company needs support in whichever of these aspects, You can count on Navati as a counsellor and also as the outside manager and coach, which is going to help the team to function effectively by being a part of it.





We offer You the participation in trainings which give You the real knowledge and skills. Professional trainers and key business problems – this package guarantees that money invested in Your or Your Employees development will bring the actual benefits. If You are interested in the training in the field which is not described here, please contact us – we are open for any suggestions.



When Cialdini published his book “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion,” the world of business briskly adapted included in the book rules, and based on its grounds – now consciously -  the strategies of negotiation, relations with Clients and so on. But success in business relations is based not only on those 6 rules… Thus what else is necessary to know? You will find the answer to this question along with the training of practical skills during our training.


 Negotiations were, are and will be the integral part of business. For that reason, self-development in this area very strongly influences the effectiveness of every company’s functioning. Knowledge and skills which naturally enable us to comply with techniques and methods of negotiation; the management of partners’ emotions during negotiations; and adjustment of our announcements and behaviour to the cultural context: all of these factors decide about the effectiveness of negotiation, that is about success or failure. Each and everyone of us strives to achieve a success, thus the decision here is simple – it is worth to benefit from our training.


Sale is the heart of the company – it sets in motion the complicated mechanism of business. Getting to know its secrets is synonymous with acquiring competences which enable us to consciously manage the relations in the company – Clients, thus actually the source of income. First of all, after this training, the effectiveness of Your sale, as well as the effectiveness of contacts with Clients are going to increase. How much the income will increase? It  solely depends on the degree t0 which You will use the gained knowledge.



The ability of professional Consumer service is a competence that prevails in all job offers, regardless the position. What does it prove? Undoubtedly, that the professionalism in this area is a key to the success of every company. That’s why it is worth to invest in the improvement of Consumer service, especially in difficult circumstances. That kind of knowledge, directly influences the increase of the advantage over the competition, and at the same time, allows You to create a positive image of the company; most importantly in definitely more economical way than spending thousand of Euro for advertisement.

Trainings will be provided by dr Aleksander Binsztok

  • autor ponad 70 publikacji naukowych, artykułów prasowych i książek nt. zarządzania, marketingu oraz psychologicznych technik wywierania wpływu społecznego
  • laureat nagrody Ministra Edukacji i Szkolnictwa Wyższego za najlepszą książkę z zakresu zarządzania organizacjami;
  • jeden z nielicznych naukowców, którzy łączą i wykorzystują najnowsze odkrycia w dziedzinie ekonomii i psychologii do generowania zysków w biznesie;
  • doradca i trener firm, które z powodzeniem stosują w praktyce umiejętność niezauważalnego oddziaływania na myśli, emocje i zachowania innych ludzi.


Manager for hire

“Manager for hire” is the service accustomed to the needs of contemporary market, with respect to effectiveness of management and economy of employment. In a situation when Your Company needs manager’s support in the realization of certain goal or specific project, You shall sign the contract with Navati, thanks to which You gain a manager with experience, without the unnecessary burden connected with staff formalities.




Contact me



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